"Collect All and Save" is a useful function in Ableton Live that can be used to keep audio files organized and facilitates the sharing of Ableton Projects. Collect All and Save gathers all of the media files found in your Ableton Project File (.als) and copies them to a “Samples” folder in the Project Folder. Next time you open your Project File instead of hunting through different directories on your hard drive you sourced the media files from, Ableton will look in Project Folder in the “Samples” folder. This means that if you send the entire Project Folder (not just the .als) to a collaborator, they will be able to open it on any computer with Ableton Live.

1. Save your Project File. File > Save Live Set As…


2. To Collect All and Save go to File > Collect All and Save


3. A window will pop up in the centre of your screen. Choose “Yes” for all options when prompted. Next, click “OK.”


4. Find the Project Folder on your computer’s hard drive and open it. If the Collect All and Save process was successful you will see the Ableton Project File (.als) and two folders named, “Samples” and “Ableton Project Info.”


5. To share your Project on Dropbox, right-click on the Project Folder and Compress it. (On a PC use a zip program). Upload the .zip file to a Dropbox folder. (Check out Staying Organized). 


 6. Once the file has been uploaded to a Dropbox folder of your choosing, right click on it and “Copy Dropbox Link. Use that link to Submit your Assignment.


Bonus - Video Walkthru

Part 1

Part 2