Producer Professional Certificate

This certificate includes 5 online courses. Save $500 when you take the Professional Certificate. 

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Ableton Core I *
12 Weeks - Learn to produce, create, arrange and mix in today's standard for music production.
Ableton Core II *
This course takes students who have completed Ableton Live Core I and takes them deeper into all the Ableton Live 9 has to offer. From arranging and song structure to techniques and production workflow to Ableton's instruments, midi and audio effects.
Mixing & Mastering *
12 Weeks - Learn the fundamental tools of EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects so that your electronic music will sound like a commercial release.
Music Fundamentals *
12 Weeks - Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody and harmony for the modern day producer.
Synthesis *
12 Weeks - Learn the fundamentals of creating the sounds you love with vintage and modern day hardware and software.
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