Music Fundamentals

instructor: Enoque carrancho
Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: $799cad | $611usd | £483
Payment plan available

Course Outline

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week 1

  • Rhythm 1: Pulse. Beat. Rhythm. Tempo.
  • Melody 1: The ABC's & 123's of Pitch 

week 2

  • Rhythm 2: The Division of Time – The Power of 2’s and 3’s
  • Bass 1: Building a Solid Foundation — Principles of Bass

week 3

  • Harmony 1: Building Chords From the Root Up 
  • Melody 2: Introduction to Scales, Sub-Scales and Modes

week 4

  • Harmony 2: Solid Chords. Broken Chords. Arpeggios 
  • Rhythm 3: Variation, Interest and Style (Part 1) 

Week 5

  • Melody 3: Relative Scale Theory
  • Harmony 3: Chord Changes

Week 6

  • Rhythm 4: Variation, Interest and Style (Part 2)
  • Harmony 4: Understanding the Importance of Voices

Week 7

  • Melody 4: Making Any Instrument Sing — Intuitive Intervals
  • Bass 2: Beyond the Root

Week 8

  • Harmony 5: Gonna Need a Bigger Chord — 7ths and Extensions
  • Rhythm 5: Deconstructing and Constructing Complexity

Week 9

  • Rhythm 6: The Backbone of a Song
  • Harmony 6: Playing In Any Key— An Introduction to Transposition

Week 10

  • Melody 5: Harmony from Melody
  • Bass 3: Lines, Riffs & Licks

Week 11

  • Melody 6: Extra Inspiration
  • Harmony 7: Grounding Chords and Movement Chords

Week 12

  • Final Project / Exam
  • Looking Back at the Big Picture Concepts
  • The Next Steps

Instructor: enoque carrancho


Enoque is a musician, composer, producer, and DJ. He has 30 years of experience with bands and groups in a variety of genre's; from heavy metal to country and most of every thing else in between. His electronic aliases are, Enno Karr, Bread N Butta and a new moniker, One Less Of Them, debuting an EP in 2016 through Substation Recordings. He has released works through Dansant Records in Sweden, and continues to release with Substation Recordings, as well as other albums you might find hidden on the interweb. You can catch him at Habitat Living Sound dancing or DJing. He is involved with Studio Social, a monthly initiative to promote and share information with
Calgary producers and has hosted several of their nights at Habitat Living Sound. Enoque's experience and passion for making music will be evident in the way he talks about



  • Every week we unlock a new lesson including, videos, project files, worksheets, samples and assignments
  • The instructor will provide 1-on-1 video feedback on assignments every second week 
  • During the course you will have six 15 minute 1-on-1 video chats with your instructor
  • Group chats will be held every second week to ask specific questions and go over assignments
  • You can network and collaborate with your classmates on a daily basis in our private online classroom
  • You will have lifetime access to this course's resources and 12 week's of access to the instructor.


  • Each lesson will contain 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of video lectures. You can review whenever you wish and as often as you want.
  • Assignments will take between 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. Submission of assignments is optional however, for every assignment you submit you will receive personalized video feedback on your assignment.
  • Each week there is either a group online chat (1 hour) or 1on1 chat (15 minute) with your instructor.


  • You will have 12 weeks with access to the instructor
  • You will have lifetime access to the online videos and resources.