Ableton Live Core II

instructor: ISAAC COTEC
Duration: 12 Weeks
Cost: $799cad | $611usd | £483
Payment plan available

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week 1
Recording Audio

  • Recording Overview
  • Recording Audio
  • Sampling from the Internet
  • Hardware Setup and Preferences
  • Advanced Preferences 

week 2
Creative Resampling

  • Creative Audio Editing
  • Resampling
  • Slice to MIDI
  • Editing in Arrangement View
  • Consolidation
  • Creative Warping

week 3
Audio to MIDI

  • Audio to MIDI: How to
  • Sampling from External Source
  • Harmony/Melody/Drums to MIDI
  • Advanced Automation
  • Automation vs Modulation

week 4
Advanced Drum Racks

  • Racks on Racks in Racks - Rackception
  • Drum Processing
  • 128s
  • Drum Rack Templates

Week 5
Advanced Racks

  • Advanced Instrument Racks
  • Multiband Processing
  • Working with 3rd Party Plugins
  • 3rd Party Plugins and Racks

Week 6
Advanced Arrangement Techniques

  • Track Analysis
  • Remixing your own songs
  • Controllers 101

Week 7
Launching Modes

  • Creative Live Performance Techniques
  • Dummy Clips
  • Follow Actions
  • FX
  • Controllers 201

Week 8
Max for Live

  • Introduction to Max for Live
  • Useful Max for Live Devices
  • Introduction to Programming with Max

Week 9
Your Library

  • More M4L fun
  • Creating your own Sample Packs
  • Saving Presets
  • Best Practices

Week 10
Live Performance

  • Live Performance Bootcamp
  • Preparing Live Templates
  • Advanced Warping
  • Dealing with Tempo Changes
  • Setting Cue Points

Week 11
MIDI Here there and Everywhere

  • User vs Native Mappings
  • LaunchPad Pro Tour
  • Push 2 Tour
  • Capture MIDI from an External Instrument
  • MIDI Sync
  • Sending MIDI from Ableton to an External Device
  • Banks and Sub-banks

Week 12
Link and Rewire

  • Link Enable
  • What is Rewire
  • Master vs Slave
  • Pros and Cons of Rewire
  • Rewire Workflow Tips
  • Logic and Ableton
  • Reason and Ableton

Final Project

Instructor: ISAAC COTEC

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Isaac Cotec started producing electronic based music in 2005, working with the science and research of binaural beats, and altering consciousness through sounds. Isaac Cotec continued writing music under the alias Cotec and later emerged as the artist Subaqueous. As Subaqueous, he blends his electronic past with future and past organic production techniques and, to date, has released 5 albums and 6 EPs. Through he shares his knowledge and gives away instruments he custom-built for his own music. His website now hosts complex MIDI packs, free Ableton Live resources, articles on production techniques, and more. Isaac Cotec is the founder and manager of the record label Invibe Music, representing some of the Pacific Northwest’s best electronic music.



  • Every week we unlock a new lesson including, videos, project files, worksheets, samples and assignments
  • The instructor will provide 1-on-1 video feedback on assignments every second week 
  • During the course you will have six 15 minute 1-on-1 video chats with your instructor
  • Group chats will be held every second week to ask specific questions and go over assignments
  • You can network and collaborate with your classmates on a daily basis in our private online classroom
  • You will have 1 year access to this course's resources and 12 week's of access to the instructor.


  • Each lesson will contain 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of video lectures. You can review whenever you wish and as often as you want.
  • Assignments will take between 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. Submission of assignments is optional however, for every assignment you submit you will receive personalized video feedback on your assignment.
  • Each week there is either a group online chat (1 hour) or 1on1 chat (15 minute) with your instructor.


  • You will have 12 weeks with access to the instructor
  • You will have 1 year access to the online videos and resources.
  • After 1 year you can subscribe to the course for $29 per year, which will include new updates and revisions.